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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alarium hosting announces shared hosting mini plans

Recently, Alarium Hosting announced a shared hosting mini plan option. This plan will be offered as a basic, entry-level package for $3.95 per month. There are numerous features packed in for such a low price. The plan includes:

10 GB of storage space
Unlimited data transfer
Up to 25 email accounts
Two sub-domains
Two mailing lists
Two MySQL databases
Additionally, the package supports ColdFusion (CFML) which is powered by Railo. This particular version of CFML is an open source, high performing engine that allows users to write and run CFML pages on servlet containers.

Many will appreciate their option for a free 15-day trial. This way a potential user can set up their website to test the numerous features available through this hosting provider. The trial plan offers 100MB disk space, 1GB of bandwidth, 1 email account, 1 FTP account and 1 MySQL database.

Since the basic hosting plan was continually expanding and growing, it became too large for newbie webmasters. Alarium Hosting decided to offer the mini plan to better accommodate the smaller customers.

Alarium began offering hosting services in 2004. Since then, they are the provider for hundreds of websites within the United States and Canada. In the near future, the company plans to offer a diversity of hosting plans to be able to meet the need of all clients looking for affordable hosting with limitless options and features.

The mini plan package requires a domain be set up with the account. If a domain is not available, Alarium is allowing clients to create a sub-domain from their main website This allows new clients to be able to use a website name that’s already being used.

The pricing plans are as follows:

1 month – $3.75
3 months – $3.58 per month
6 months – $3.46 per month
12 months – $3.06 per month plus a free domain
This is a very affordable basic hosting service. Like most other providers, Alarium offers other plans including the basic and advanced plans. The plans do increase in price, but also offer many more features than the lower-end plans.

The mini plan is an extremely uncommon service provided by hosting companies. It is an excellent method for obtaining customers new to the website building industry. The plan offers the tools a new web connoisseur would need at an unbeatable price.


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